Nano-lubja õpituba Ava slaidivaade

04.09.2016- 08.09.2016

Workshop is dedicated to nanotechnology that has been taken into use in conservation of historical interior finishing (incl painted surfaces). The method is not yet practised in Estonia although we have for decades searched for suitable consolidation agent for the church plasters and wallpaintings. The potential solution may be the innovative nanolime.

The tutors of the workshop are the teachers of Pardubice (Czech Republic) University who have been the leading partners of cross‐European project on development and testing of nanotechnology and have significant practical and theoretical experience in the field.

The planned workshop includes both theory and practice, the methodology will be tested in situ at Pöide medieval church in Saaremaa.

Tutors: Jan Vojtechovsky (Pardubice University Conservation Department) and Karol Bayer (chemist, Dean of Pardubice University Conservation Department)

Coordinaator: Hilkka Hiiop

Time: 04.‐08. september 2016

Place: Pöide Church, Saaremaa

Participants: ca 20‐25 persons (EKA, TKK, conservators and heritage professionals) + tutors 

Kokku: 69